12 May10 Hiking the Colca

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From Arequipa we decided to explore the Colca Canyon, a famous Peruvian landmark that we were told was a must-see. The canyon is 4,160 meters at its deepest, which makes it twice the size of the Grand Canyon, although the sloped hills of the Colca Canyon make it appear more like a giant valley. There […] (Read More)

10 May10 The Streets of Santa Catalina

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While we were sad to leave Cusco behind, we looked forward to uncovering more of the sights and stories of Peru. Our next destination was Arequipa, a city famous for its grand colonial architecture constructed from sillar, a white volcanic rock. Our hostel was set in a quiet neighbourhood, reminiscent of a small European suburb. […] (Read More)

06 May10 In the Sacred Valley

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Most people come to Cusco, Peru to go trekking through Incan ruins. I came to volunteer. One of my goals for this trip was to find an organization that worked with women and get involved to learn more about women’s empowerment and gender equality in South America. While surfing the web, I came across Threads […] (Read More)