20 May10 Bookworms on Máncora Beach

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Máncora is a popular beach town on the Pacific coast of Peru, known for its warm water, ample surf and great weather. Following another night bus, we arrived in the wee hours of the morning and willed ourselves to navigate to a proper bed. We collected our bags from the bus and piled them onto […] (Read More)

18 May10 Pacified on the Pacific

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A budget traveling trick we’ve learned is to take night buses. You save on a night’s accomoation and the 10 to 15 hous of nodding off helps make the long trips feel shorter. Arriving at our new destination at 6 or 7 am usually means we turn into sloths, sleeping the daylight hours away and […] (Read More)

15 May10 Drama Queen Reports

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We didn’t really want to leave our canyon oasis. The 4 hour uphill hike that awaited us was an excruciating thought. And that wasn’t going to be the only painful part of the next 24 hours. If we wanted to stay on schedule, we had a lot of ground to cover before we would arrive […] (Read More)