(co-authored by Dan)

Today’s blog post could easily become an entry on thisiswhyyourefat.com (yes, we have submitted our photo). We were introduced a while back by local Argentinians to fugazzeta pizza but it was a poor introduction as we only tried a bite. We wanted to give it another go and justified it as an essential cultural experience.

After a deliciously relaxing day spent exploring various parks in the area, including the botanical gardens and the Jardín Japonés, (or with the Argentinian pronunciation Hardeen Haponez), we were wandering home and spotted the neon sign for Kentucky, a Palermo-area pizzeria est. 1942. This is where our Argentinian friends first introduced us to this local delicacy.

We agreed that a shared slice of fugazzeta would be an appropriate appetizer to our dinner that we planned to cook later on. (We have adopted the Argentinian custom of eating dinner around 9 when the heat of an active kitchen is more bearable.) We strolled in to the empty pizzeria at 6. I took a look at the waiters and figured that these guys had been working here since 1942. The place was decorated with black and white photos of movie stars and horse races. The waiter told us that the place had been named after the Kentucky Derby.

Without even looking at the menu, we each ordered a “portion” of fugazzeta. The pizza slices arrived pretty much drowning in what I think is a mozzerella-bechamel cream sauce and fried onions. And on the side, a spicy mix of colourful, oily herbs called chimichurri. All this for only 2 bucks a piece. This must be Buenos Aires’ equivalent to the 2am Shawarma that inevitably follows a night out in Ottawa.

So our appetizer turned into a full out meal. We couldn’t bear to eat again that night. This day of indulging has motivated us to start a new regimen that we’re calling the “Uruguayan Beach Workout” in preparation for next month’s seaside frolicking. It involves a lot of sit-ups and push-ups but will hopefully make up for all the cheese.