20 Apr10 Island in the Sun

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Lake Titicaca straddles Bolivia and Peru and is the highest navigable lake in the world (with the funniest name). The largest island on the lake, Isla del Sol, is considered by ancient Incas and modern-day Quechuans and Aymarans, to be the birthplace of the first Incans. It is said that the sun god descended from the […] (Read More)

18 Apr10 Keeping The Peace

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The city of La Paz is a shock to the senses. At 3,660 meters above sea level, a simple flight of stairs takes a marathon effort, and the thick pollution that spews from the micros that scurry through the city leave you gasping for air. Despite the smoke, dirt and cold, La Paz still manages […] (Read More)

13 Apr10 Leaving Tracks in Sucre

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We arrived in Sucre at night and were involuntarily taken on a tour of the city. Our scheming cab driver “somehow” got lost trying to take us to our hostel that was only one block away from the bus station. He then multiplied his original quote by four, saying the initially quoted price was for […] (Read More)