26 Mar10 Tilcara in the Dark

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Our last stop in Argentina before moving to to Bolivia, was a quick, but memorable, one-nighter in the mountain town of Tilcara. We stepped off our bus and into a movie. The town looked like the set of a dusty western flick and I half expected to discover that the buildings were nothing more than […] (Read More)

24 Mar10 Salta – It’s Amaaaazing!

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The sky was clear, bright and sunny when we arrived in Salta, conditions that we’ve come to take for granted. In fact, we can count the number of rainy days we’ve seen on our trip on a single hand. We left the bus station and walked through town scoping out hostels. Salta is very beautiful, […] (Read More)

22 Mar10 DIY Adventures in Cafayate

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We arrived at our hostel in Cayate–our next stop northward through Argentina–just in time for the second period of the Canada vs. US gold medal hockey game. Over Argentinian beer, we cheered on Canada. Some travellers from Europe joined us and it all felt very international. Canada won, of course, and the universe fell into […] (Read More)