20 Apr10 Island in the Sun

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Lake Titicaca straddles Bolivia and Peru and is the highest navigable lake in the world (with the funniest name). The largest island on the lake, Isla del Sol, is considered by ancient Incas and modern-day Quechuans and Aymarans, to be the birthplace of the first Incans. It is said that the sun god descended from the […] (Read More)

15 Apr10 Calina’s Guest Post for Threads of Peru

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We’re jumping ahead in time a bit, but we wanted to share with you a guest post that Calina has written for Threads of Peru, the not-for-profit that she has been volunteering with here in Cusco, Peru. Threads of Peru helps remote indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley with projects that provide nutritional support, adult […] (Read More)

27 Mar10 If at Night, by Train.

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Arrivals We’re in Tupiza, a small town buried between cactus speckled mountain ranges. The town is coloured deep red, which makes the ground look hot to the touch. As we wait at the station for our train to Uyuni we watch some children jump blissfully from the platform onto the track, struggling to pull their […] (Read More)