07 Jan11 Wining, Dining and Biking

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This blog post is dedicated to Rina and Enzo for giving me the opportunity to have a very unique travel experience. When I told friends that I was headed on a wine and bike tour of the California wine valleys over Christmas, they looked at me with much concern. ‘Careful not to drunk-bike!’ a number […] (Read More)

30 May10 Bienvenidos a Colombia

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From Quito, we headed directly for the Colombian border, somewhere along the way crossing the imaginary line where toilets start emptying in the opposite direction. We had spent less than two weeks in Ecuador, which was enough time to realize that Ecuador requires more than two weeks to fully appreciate. In Cusco we had booked […] (Read More)

14 May10 Route From Panama to Costa Rica to Nicaragua

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In Ecuador we bumped into two travellers, whom we know only as Dave and Tan, an Australian and a Canadian who are working their way up to Central America. I had mentioned to them that I had spent some time in Costa Rica and promised to send them a bit of info on cool places […] (Read More)