12 Aug10 Diving Obsessed

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Finishing this blog has been on my to-do list all summer. The days of summer are quickly running low, as are my memories from those final weeks of our trip back in May. I believe in finishing what you start, so here I go, tying up loose ends and ticking things of my never-ending to-do […] (Read More)

30 May10 Bienvenidos a Colombia

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From Quito, we headed directly for the Colombian border, somewhere along the way crossing the imaginary line where toilets start emptying in the opposite direction. We had spent less than two weeks in Ecuador, which was enough time to realize that Ecuador requires more than two weeks to fully appreciate. In Cusco we had booked […] (Read More)

18 May10 Pacified on the Pacific

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A budget traveling trick we’ve learned is to take night buses. You save on a night’s accomoation and the 10 to 15 hous of nodding off helps make the long trips feel shorter. Arriving at our new destination at 6 or 7 am usually means we turn into sloths, sleeping the daylight hours away and […] (Read More)