24 Mar10 Salta – It’s Amaaaazing!

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The sky was clear, bright and sunny when we arrived in Salta, conditions that we’ve come to take for granted. In fact, we can count the number of rainy days we’ve seen on our trip on a single hand. We left the bus station and walked through town scoping out hostels. Salta is very beautiful, […] (Read More)

22 Jan10 Le Bar

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Below is an assignment Calina and I wrote for our Spanish class. Scroll down to read a rough translation in English. Anoche, fuimos a un concierto a ‘Le Bar’ un club del centro de Buenos Aires. Encontramos el evento en la pagina web de “Whats Up Buenos Aires“, un blog en inglés que cubre todo […] (Read More)

12 Jan10 Se Habla Español?

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Dan and I have started working towards one of the goals we had for this trip – improving our Spanish! After searching online, we found a Spanish school quite close to where we live called Into Words. (Dan was a bit biased towards this school because it had a nice website, and I was biased […] (Read More)