18 Jun10 Dreams of Cartagena

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Dan and I have been back in Canada for just over two weeks. Being back has been a hefty adjustment. We’ve gone from being within kissing distance to being divided by a 1 and a half hour commute. We’ve gone from being as free as birds to being saddled with jobs, parental rules and societal […] (Read More)

23 May10 Party, Surf, Repeat

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With both sadness and excitement in our hearts, we crossed borders for the sixth time in our trip, leaving Peru behind as we ventured forth into Ecuador. We bussed to Guayaquil, stopping only to admire the bus terminal which looked more like a shopping mall,  before departing for Montañita, a beach town on Ecuador’s famous […] (Read More)

17 Mar10 Down in the Valley

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From Carlos Pellegrini we took a rocky 4 am bus ride to the town of Mercedes where we connected with another bus to Corrientes. After reading the description of Corrientes in Lonely Planet (which actually says ‘F#$% Corrientes’) we weren’t particularly inspired to go exploring. We bought tickets with Aconquija, the bus line that runs […] (Read More)