07 Jan11 Wining, Dining and Biking

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This blog post is dedicated to Rina and Enzo for giving me the opportunity to have a very unique travel experience. When I told friends that I was headed on a wine and bike tour of the California wine valleys over Christmas, they looked at me with much concern. ‘Careful not to drunk-bike!’ a number […] (Read More)

12 Aug10 Diving Obsessed

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Finishing this blog has been on my to-do list all summer. The days of summer are quickly running low, as are my memories from those final weeks of our trip back in May. I believe in finishing what you start, so here I go, tying up loose ends and ticking things of my never-ending to-do […] (Read More)

22 Jun10 How to Sleep in Hammocks

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After a few days of sweltering heat in Cartagena, we were ready for a taste of the Caribbean. Though Cartagena has beaches, those craving palm trees, rum-filled coconuts and white sand head to Playa Blanca. We boarded a ferry that took us through the busy harbour. As we left shore, we were surrounded by magnificent […] (Read More)