15 May10 Drama Queen Reports

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We didn’t really want to leave our canyon oasis. The 4 hour uphill hike that awaited us was an excruciating thought. And that wasn’t going to be the only painful part of the next 24 hours. If we wanted to stay on schedule, we had a lot of ground to cover before we would arrive […] (Read More)

14 May10 Route From Panama to Costa Rica to Nicaragua

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In Ecuador we bumped into two travellers, whom we know only as Dave and Tan, an Australian and a Canadian who are working their way up to Central America. I had mentioned to them that I had spent some time in Costa Rica and promised to send them a bit of info on cool places […] (Read More)

12 May10 Hiking the Colca

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From Arequipa we decided to explore the Colca Canyon, a famous Peruvian landmark that we were told was a must-see. The canyon is 4,160 meters at its deepest, which makes it twice the size of the Grand Canyon, although the sloped hills of the Colca Canyon make it appear more like a giant valley. There […] (Read More)