29 Apr10 The Daily Grind

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Each day, I would wake up in the morning and meet John at a wi-fi cafe where we’d settle down with a tea and begin our work. Meanwhile Calina would go to the San Blas or San Pedro market to see her “Juice Lady”. Juice Ladies: A row of them can be found in any […] (Read More)

27 Apr10 La Vida Cusqueña

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Hola Vecinos! We planned on settling in Cusco, an idea that filled us with both relief and anxiety. After almost two months of back-packing we were looking forward to having a place to call home but were afraid that one city wouldn’t hold our interest for an entire month. We spent our first night in […] (Read More)

23 Apr10 Floating Islands

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The “Floating Islands” of Lake Titicaca sound more like a level in Super Mario 3 than a place that actually exists. I can assure you, however, that these islands do exist and are not inhabited by goombas and koopas, but rather pleasant Uro men and women who are quick to welcome you into their homes. […] (Read More)