17 Feb10 Uruguay/Brazil Border Crossing at Chuy/Chuí

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As 21st century travellers, we are often relying on the Internet to give us the answers to the most profound of questions – when does that bus come? how do we get there? how dangerous is that area? When we wanted to know how to cross the Uruguayan border into Brazil, the Internet drew us […] (Read More)

13 Feb10 Flirting With the Devil

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Fabulously remote, seriously underdeveloped and stunningly picturesque, this little fishing-surfing village of wooden cabins and winding dirt streets is like an anti-Punta del Este. – Lonely Planet This incredibly brief description was what inspired us to visit the small beach town of Punta Del Diablo, the town that made me realize how difficult it must […] (Read More)

11 Feb10 Punta del Este – Miami of the South

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A week ago Uruguay was just another country that we could barely place on a map. But since leaving Montevideo we have visited two more Uruguayan cities that have given us a whole new appreciation of this small country squished between the behemoths, Argentina and Brazil. Punta del Este was our first stop. It is […] (Read More)