28 Feb10 Fantastic Foz

Posted in Activity, Landmarks, Nature from Iguassu Falls by Calina

After the chaos of Rio, our next stop, Foz do Iguaçu, a collection of 275 waterfalls, was a completely different experience. While in Rio, we observed a city taking over the surrounding lands, building itself around mountains and pushing up against coastlines; in Iguaçu, we saw how nature can take over a landscape and obliterate […] (Read More)

21 Feb10 Rio Carnival!

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The city of Rio De Janeiro really exceeded our expectations. We had expected beauty, and found lush mountain ranges hovering over gorgeous white-sand beaches speckled with sexy, scantily clad Cariocas (inhabitants of Rio). We assumed Carnival would be a party like no other, and found ourselves stunned by the elaborate floats parading through the Sambódromo. […] (Read More)

19 Feb10 A Taste of Carnival

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We were given our first taste of Carnival and Brazilian culture in Florianópolis, a large island connected to mainland Brazil. Downtown Florianopolis is full of colourful colonial buildings and lush piazzas. During Carnival, parades fill the street. We unknowingly stumbled upon one of these typical ‘Carnival blocks’. All of a sudden a large truck began blasting […] (Read More)