18 Jan10 The Tango Couple

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Only in Argentina is it perfectly normal that your neighbors are professional tango dancers. The couple downstairs, Enrique and Judita, have been dancing tango for 20 years although they don’t look much older than 30. A few nights ago, they invited us to one of their shows at a “milonga”. Milonga is the name given […] (Read More)

17 Jan10 Juana Molina

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Yesterday we visited an English bookstore near the market in San Telmo. I didn’t happen to see anything in the bookstore that piqued my interest, but instead heard something really interesting. The woman who runs the bookstore was playing an extremely captivating album. The vocal rhythms, harmonies and progression of each song were very unique. […] (Read More)

15 Jan10 Mastering the Man-Kiss

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In Buenos Aires, everyone is greeted with a kiss on the cheek. Since my family is Italian I am no stranger to this custom; however, there are some important differences between the Italian greeting and that of the Porteños. I decided to write this post to save others some of the embarrassment that I endured […] (Read More)